Tuesday, 8 December 2015



Smilers day did not start well because 
every body he passed was gloomy.
But then it took a turn for the worse
and a boy forgot his homework so he got caned! But every started laughing!
Then Smiler accidentally hit a boy in   
 the back of the head with his desk but it didn't hurt. Because there was a laughing gas leakage in the school lab. So every had to evacuate the school.
But it was a good day for Smiler because everyone was happy.

By Dexter F-Boss

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Megaman and Sonic book review

HEY THERE bloggers! Today I'm typing about the Megaman and sonic worlds collide books. Today I will be talking about the third book so enough of that lets go! 
Images courtesy of Archie Comics, go check them out

This graphic novel is about when Sonic and Megaman's world collide! Which is good and bad. It's good because the good guys are friends! Although it's bad because the bad guys are united. In this comic, a big war has started and Sonic and Megaman have to defeat Dr Eggman and Dr Wily. So they venture forth into the enemy lair. BUT! They get side tracked by WTF Bass and metal Sonic!
To defeat them they had to keep switching because Sonic was faster than bass and Megaman is stronger than metal Sonic. 

After beating bass and metal Sonic they find Eggman and Wily who quickly trap them! Fortunately they are freed by Megamans brother and Dad which enables our heroes to go super mode and defeat the villains in the next issue.

The Megaman and Sonic books are good because there nicely drawn and well written. My favorite bit is when knuckles and bash bot were talking.


Friday, 2 October 2015

Eclipse and Bloody moon!!!!!

Hey there bloggers! I'm back with more facts! This time its about the eclipse and BLOOD MOON! Lets start.

On monday the 28th of september 2015 the moon was 226,000 miles away.
[usually its 238,855 miles away.] that was when the eclipse happened.
Superstitious people believe blood moons are bad signs. Some religious groups and Astrologers believe that the eclipse is a  sign of the end of days. Earth's shadow is red at the edges for the same reason a sunset is red: When sunlight is scattered by passing through Earth's atmosphere, the other colours of the spectrum are removed. In a solar eclipse, the moon casts its shadow on Earth.
Lunar eclipses are incredible you don't need special glasses you can just stare.
We wont be able to see another until 2033! Thats gonna take a long time.
The best place to see a lunar eclipse is anywhere on earth where the sky isn't cloudy. I saw the eclipse too. It was incredible! [the annoying thing is I had to get up at 2:26 am!!!] Right after that I fell asleep. Thats all for now bloggers BYE!!! 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Fair trade and Organic!

Hello and welcome back! Today I'll be talking  about FAIRTRADE and organic things!


Fairtrade logo

Fairtrade is good because the people who made it get fairly paid. You can see a list of Fairtrade things on the FAIRTRADE website for example people make Fairtrade coffee. Buying products that aren't Fairtrade  means the producers don't get as much money. There is no difference between these products and other products tastes. 


Organic logo

Organic food is food that is made using environmentally friendly and  legal methods. Choosing fresh foods can make you feel good and lively. 
Organic farming doesn't use pesticides or artificial chemical fertiliser. Instead it uses manure,soil and animals which is good because my Mums mouth always stings when she eats certain tomatoes and cucumbers because my Dad forgets to wash it off. organic farming is good for the environment because:
1. no chemical production
2. doesn't go into the soil
3. it aids healthy plants. 
You can buy these things at supermarkets,health shops and independent shops.[Organic food can taste better.]
You can find out more at the soil association website
Thats all for now Bye! 

Friday, 17 July 2015

The aqua bats

The Aquabats are people who are in a band and are on TV. Their TV names are: 
MC Bat commander
Jimmy The Robot
Eagle Bones Falcon Hawk
Ricky Fitness
Crash Mc'Clarson.

The Aquabats play ska music and are on TV. They have released many albums and episodes and many of their vlogs. Catch the episodes on Youtube. 

The Aquabats were on a mission. They wanted to be on TV and, after almost two decades, it finally happened. 

Worlds biggest chewing gum ball!

This ball was made of 95,200 pieces of gum! now that's a record breaker!

Its creator was Barry Chappell. He made it because he gave up smoking and his son had just been born. He also made it because he was on a 6 hour flight and had no where to put his gum so he just kept adding to it. By the time the flight had finished he vowed to make the biggest ball of gum in the world!

Barry started rolling his gum into a ball back in 2006.
It’s been 6 years since he started! In 2012 it was 62 inches in circumference and weighs 175 pounds!

Photo courtesy of Gizmodo

I want to try and beat this. I've jut started my first gum ball! tune in next time for more XD