Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Fair trade and Organic!

Hello and welcome back! Today I'll be talking  about FAIRTRADE and organic things!


Fairtrade logo

Fairtrade is good because the people who made it get fairly paid. You can see a list of Fairtrade things on the FAIRTRADE website for example people make Fairtrade coffee. Buying products that aren't Fairtrade  means the producers don't get as much money. There is no difference between these products and other products tastes. 


Organic logo

Organic food is food that is made using environmentally friendly and  legal methods. Choosing fresh foods can make you feel good and lively. 
Organic farming doesn't use pesticides or artificial chemical fertiliser. Instead it uses manure,soil and animals which is good because my Mums mouth always stings when she eats certain tomatoes and cucumbers because my Dad forgets to wash it off. organic farming is good for the environment because:
1. no chemical production
2. doesn't go into the soil
3. it aids healthy plants. 
You can buy these things at supermarkets,health shops and independent shops.[Organic food can taste better.]
You can find out more at the soil association website
Thats all for now Bye! 

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