Friday, 17 July 2015

The aqua bats

The Aquabats are people who are in a band and are on TV. Their TV names are: 
MC Bat commander
Jimmy The Robot
Eagle Bones Falcon Hawk
Ricky Fitness
Crash Mc'Clarson.

The Aquabats play ska music and are on TV. They have released many albums and episodes and many of their vlogs. Catch the episodes on Youtube. 

The Aquabats were on a mission. They wanted to be on TV and, after almost two decades, it finally happened. 

Worlds biggest chewing gum ball!

This ball was made of 95,200 pieces of gum! now that's a record breaker!

Its creator was Barry Chappell. He made it because he gave up smoking and his son had just been born. He also made it because he was on a 6 hour flight and had no where to put his gum so he just kept adding to it. By the time the flight had finished he vowed to make the biggest ball of gum in the world!

Barry started rolling his gum into a ball back in 2006.
It’s been 6 years since he started! In 2012 it was 62 inches in circumference and weighs 175 pounds!

Photo courtesy of Gizmodo

I want to try and beat this. I've jut started my first gum ball! tune in next time for more XD